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GIRL Camp Affiliate Program




The C-STEM GIRL Camp Affiliate Program allows our partners to host Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) camp for girls in their region. The GIRL camp is focused on motivating girls in middle school through peer mentoring by college girls to learn leadership and STEM concepts through a fun and exciting robotics-based curriculum. Each camp will welcome 20 middle school girls as camp participants, two high school girls as assistant coaches, two female college students as coaches, and one female teacher/staff as a mentor and coordinator.

15013835206_7c22d4dddd_k copyCamp participants will learn and experience leadership and communication skills through peer mentoring and guest speeches by inspiring women leaders in various computing and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. They are introduced to robotics, principles of engineering, and computer programming. Participants will also learn film production and the creative process involved in creating a video with robots in the context of a global problem. All GIRL Camps are funded by various sponsors and attendance is FREE for camp participants.

Sponsorship is vital to the success of the C-STEM GIRL camps.  The average cost of running a GIRL camp is $4,200.  Costs cover a minimum of 2 coaches, video cameras, USB Flash Drives, Practice Mat’s for the RoboPlay Challenge Competition, T-Shirts for participants, and coaches, lunch for campers and coaches, female/staff mentor and coordinator, Camp Fee, along with other consumable materials.  Camp Affiliates may increase or decrease the funding needed based on current equipment, coach stipends and additional mentors.

It is the goal of the C-STEM Center to expand the GIRL Camp offering to any school, district, and county office of education, and non-profit organizations in the nation, to inspire female students and to provide opportunities and knowledge to help them achieve their dreams.

The minimum requirements to hold a C-STEM GIRL camp are as follows:

  • Have an administrator from school district, county office of education, non-profit, or a faculty from a college to serve as a C-STEM GIRL Camp Affiliate Director.
  • Have a female teacher or staff to serve as a C-STEM GIRL Camp Mentor paid by the Affiliate for the week of the camp at the standard district pay rate.
  • Have the budget to pay for two C-STEM GIRL Camp Coaches ($500 for each coach).
  • Have the budget of $800 for each GIRL camp for the curriculum, training,  support, recruitment of participants (campers, assistant coaches, and coaches),  and assessment and evaluation.
  • Have computing software and robotics equipment (Linkbot or Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3) for the C-STEM GIRL Camp curriculum. Most school/districts should have these robotics resources already. A C-STEM GIRL Camp Affiliate can purchase necessary hardware and software with discount from C-STEM industrial partners.  If you need to buy new equipment, we suggest that you buy 3 C-STEM RoboPlay Bundles ($2,397), 16-Linkbot Classroom Bundle, or 10 Lego Mindstorms NXT or EV3.
  • Have a space such as a computer lab or classroom with laptops in Windows or Mac OS X  to conduct the camp.
  • Have a college partner to bring campers for a campus tour, visiting labs, and have a lunch in a student dining common.

If you are interested in joining the C-STEM GIRL Camp Affiliate Program to  host a GIRL Camp for girls in your region, please download the Application for C-STEM GIRL Camp Affiliate.  C-STEM Center will help affiliates recruit and register coaches, assistant coaches, and camp participants through our web site. and provide training for coaches and assistant coaches.  If you have any question, please contact us.