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C-STEM Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) Camps

The C-STEM GIRL Camps are focused on motivating girls in middle school through peer mentoring to learn computing and STEM  concepts through a fun and exciting robotics-based curriculum for one week in the summer. Each camp has 20 middle school students as camp participants,  two high school girls as assistant coaches, two college girls as coaches, and one C-STEM female teacher as a mentor and coordinator.  We hope this leadership camp will enable them to serve as leaders and inspire other young girls to gain interest in science and technology through creating robotics clubs on their school campus and participating in the RoboPlay Competition on the C-STEM Day.   All GIRL Camps are  funded by various sponsors and free for camp participants. In addition, the camp participants are eligible for the Girl’s Leadership Award

ABC’s coverage of the camp


The curriculum is focused on

  • Robotics
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Programming in C
  • Film Production
  • Women in IT

At the end of the camp, students create a multi-media presentation of their creation, similar to the RoboPlay Video Competition, and present it to parents and peers.

Photo: Girls Leadership Camp Group Photo.Photo: Girls Leadership Camp Group Photo.

A camper working on her group’s robot video project

In addition, students learn important life skills including:

  • Teamwork
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Building confidence
  • Breaking gender stereotypes

Hosting GIRL Camps

Please contact us if you would like to host a C-STEM GIRL Camp on your campus.

We have a special program for NCWIT AspireIT applicants to host  C-STEM GIRL camps. If you are AspireIT applicants, you can borrow robotics equipment from the C-STEM Center for hosting your GIRL camp.

A Successful Story

GIRL (Programming) Power

Testimonials from the Girls

“I probably would have never known how to program computer[s] without this program and now I’m more confident about programming computers.”
“Before this program, I didn’t know anything about robotics. Now, I feel confident about programming. I would like to learn more.”
“I feel that I am a bit more computer smart.”
“The C-STEM robotics camp increased my confidence.”
“If I hadn’t have taken this program I would never be interested in computer science.”
“I wanted to be a math teacher but after this program I want to be a computer scientist.”
“Before this program, I wanted to be in the field of genetics, now, I want to get into technology.”
“I thought I wanted to be an engineer that builds bridges and buildings, now I am interested in computer science.”
“…wanted to be something else when I grew up, but now I want to work with programming.”


A Paper about the C-STEM GIRL Camp


The GIRL camp is funded by the NSF, NCWIT,  UC Davis College of Engineering, and UC Davis University Outreach and International Programs.