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Tech Academy

2011 Summer STEM Technology & Design Academy:
Using C programming to teach critical thinking in the 21st century classroom

8:30am-5pm, August 11-12, 1062 Bainer Hall

How many times have you asked your students to apply what they have learned towards creatively solving problems and found a sea of blank faces staring back at you? Working with K-12 educators with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the UC Davis K-14 Outreach Center for Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM) has developed a new strategy to help solve this problem. This academy will train teachers on how to integrate computer programming and computer science into STEM related curriculum (Technology courses, IT essentials, Introduction to Computers, Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Robotics) The C-STEM Center and the NSF CREST Program will help trainees to implement the program during the academic year.

Intended Audience
This Academy is geared toward grades 6 – 12 Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Teachers. More specifically:

  • Teachers who are interested in learning new ways to engage students in analytical thinking and problem solving skills where traditional methods have failed.
  • Teachers who want to reach “at risk” students using hands-on activities and project-based methods in the areas of math, science, and technology.
  • Teachers looking to increase their use of computers as a teaching and learning tool.
  • Teachers interested in providing students with 21st century career skills.

Outline of Topics

  • How a computer works
  • Writing your first C program
  • Variables in algebra and their applications in computing
  • Math expressions and operators, and their applications in computing
  • Selection statements and loops in C (Logical reasoning, critical thinking, and their applications Graphing and Solving Quadratics)
  • Modular programming with functions in C (Writing functions and plotting)
  • Arrays for processing data in C (Visualize experimental and measurement data)
  • Working with data files in C (Process and save experimental and measurement data in files)
  • Quick geometry visualization and animation in C (for future applications in geometry, physics, etc.)

Outcome for Trainees’ Students

  1. After taking this course, students will be able to solve complicated STEM problems using computers in the subsequent STEM courses such as math, physics, robotics, engineering, biology, and chemistry
  2. Work comfortably and competently with STEM principles
  3. Identify, formulate, and solve STEM problems
  4. Effectively use computer and computer programming for future employment.
  5. Students will be able to participate in the UC Davis Robot Competition during the UC Davis C-STEM Day

Cost: FREE. Restricted for in-service teachers only. All attendees will receive software licenses, teaching materials, solutions manuals, and UC Davis C-STEM Center implementation support. Laptops are necessary during the training. 16 Professional Development Credit hours certificates upon training completion for teachers in Yolo/Sacramento counties.

Chris Schlesselman, Engineering and Physics Teacher
Hiram Johnson High School
Sacramento City Unified School District
Email: Chris-Schlesselman(AT)sac-city(DOT)k12(DOT)ca(DOT)us

Spencer Krautkraemer, Math Teacher
Esparto K-8
Esparto Unified School District
Email: skrautkraemer(AT)espartok12(DOT)org

Francesca DeFazio, Math Teacher, Westmore Oaks Elementary School, Washington Unified School District
Joe Stymeist, Engineering Teacher, School of Engineering and Sciences, Sacramento City Unified School District
Michael Moore, Math Teacher, Hiram Johnson High School, Sacramento City Unified School District
Chris Schlesselman, Engineering and Physics Teacher, Hiram Johnson High School, Sacramento City Unified School District
Spencer Krautkraemer, Math Teacher, Esparto K-8, Esparto Unified School District
Ryan Mangan, Pre-Service Math and Physics Teacher, UC Davis Education Credential Program

Deadline for registration: July 28, 2011
Registration is available: Register
Space is limited; please sign up early to reserve your spot. More information is available about the Tech Academy in pdf form here.