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Summer Institute 2015


2015 UC Davis Summer Institute on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

June 29 – July 10, 2015,  8:30am – 4:30pm
1062 Bainer Hall, UC Davis Campus

This intensive summer institute is designed to train K-14 STEM teachers on the principles of robotics and computing and how to integrate them into STEM classes.  Teachers will learn specific teaching pedagogy for integrating computing and robotics activities into math, science and engineering curricula, as well as how to support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) using the C-STEM curriculum with interactive computing, programming, and robotics.

 Common Core Mathematics with Computing and Robotics –  Week 1

From June 29 – July 3, the Institute will focus on teaching computing and robotics in an algebraic math classroom, such as Math 7, Math 8, Algebra 1, and Integrated Math 1.  Teachers will focus on learning the basics on computer programming in Ch and robotics activities and problems that target specific standards based objectives using these skills.

Robotics Technologies and Computer Programming for Solving Applied Problems – Week 2

From July 6 – 10, the institute will focus on expanding teacher’s knowledge of computer programming and robotics.  This professional development supports the C-STEM curriculum  Robotics and Film Production, Computer Programming with ChIntroduction to Computer Programming with  C, and Computing with Robotics and other courses in CTE, robotics, engineering, computer programming, physical science, etc.

*Teachers can take one or both courses to get started on integrating computing and robotics into their teaching. For teachers who have no any prior computer programming experience, we recommend that you attend the entire two-week summer institute.

Summer Institute Flier

Testimonials from Participants

“I learned lots of good stuffs for 2 weeks. Learning all these in two weeks after having no computer programming background at all made me feel good and successful. I feel [I’m] getting better each day for two weeks, and I’m excited to implement this in my classroom this year.”

–Teresa Sicat, 7th/8th Grade Math

“Thank you for your phenomenal instruction and support these last two weeks. Prior to this training I had no understanding of programming or robots and would find myself avoiding conversation involving either topic. I’m leaving this training excited and full of ideas to bring to my school and classroom.”

– Kelly Uyeno, Ohpir STEAM Academy, 5th Grade Self Contained

“Learning Ch has definitely filled my math teaching tool box for the entire year and for years to come. I cannot wait to implement the curriculum with my 7th graders. I can already visualize high success for all students who usually get dismissed as “low achievers”. This program is sure to acquire their engagement because it did that just for me even though I have never taken a computer programming course in my life.”

“Because I have been living in Pre-Algebra land for several years, it took me a bit to recall several formulas and functions in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. However, the computer programming made it so much fun to learn math! If you were to have asked me before this class how I felt about learning math by writing a program, I would have said No Way Jose!!!”

“The C-STEM is support ready. I think that C-STEM Center has done a thorough job at consistently improving and growing. Thank you for taking teacher input so seriously. I really appreciate that and feel so grateful for a program that understands that the teacher in the classroom is a professional who knows what he/she is talking about”

– Jenny Ryan, Matt Garcia Career and College Academy, FSUSD, 7th Grade Self Contained

“After completing this workshop I feel like I learned the background needed to get an excellent start at teaching this content & inspiring my students. In MANY professional developments that intent [intend] to teach non-experienced teachers technology of this nature the model is to just give the end products & send us home. They do not go into the detail needed to really understand what is happening. When I do not understand what is happening it makes it difficult to answer questions in class and fix problems students are having. This makes it frustrating for both myself & my students. I feel walking away from this class like I have a great knowledge base to work from & if I have a question I will be able to understand the book.”

– Carrie Denton, Laguna Beach High School, 9th/10th Grade Science

“I am overwhelmed by how you accommodated our group. I have never experienced a PD that was so concerned with the feedback of their attendees, thank you so much for all your hard work, it was truly amazing to be a part of this workshop!”

“Thank you thank you thank you thank! I never thought the phrase “computer programming” and my name would ever be in the same sentence and now I just sit on my couch and program for fun. I am so excited to bring this to my classroom.”

– Kelly Matson, 6th/7th/8th Grade Math & US History

“I learned that I love computer programming and if you can get me to love this than you must be doing something right! If I love it then it will be so much easier to inspire my students.”

– Amber Rafferty at Cambridge Elementary

“The C-STEM professional development is extremely thorough & will allow me to go back to my school site & continue to learn. I am also able to go through the book & answer any questions I have. I will be able to use these books in my classroom because they are written in a way students can understand them. Thank You! Many times when technology says for the absolute beginner it is still very difficult to understand. The reasoning & logic in these books are very easy to follow.”

– Carrie Denton, Laguna Beach High School, 9th/10th Grade Science


Each participant must be able to bring their own laptop computer.   To participate in this summer institute, we also require that you have the necessary software and equipment to implement in the coming school year, including access 2-3 times a week to a lab with Ch Professional software installed and at least two Linkbots. Over the past four years of providing this professional development, we have seen first hand how an enthusiastic teacher can be hindered in implementation without these two items.


*(For all C-STEM events, you must first register for the site before you can register for the event.  Then login and go to the “Summer Institute Registration” tab on the Registered Users Subsite.)
Deadline for early registration: May 30, 2015. $699 for one course / $1299 for both courses
Final deadline for registration to reserve your space: June 20, 2015. $799 for one course / $1399 for both courses

  • Space is limited; please sign up early to reserve your spot.
  • All registrations and checks must be received by June 20, 2015 to participate in the Summer Institute
  • Registration covers instruction,  three C-STEM textbooks, teaching materials, one year license for Ch Professional Edition  for  a laptop of the registered participant, use of robot kits during the training,  and lunch. Other meals, transportation, and lodge are not included.
  • No  refund once a class is full.  Also no refund after instruction begins.
  •  Optional $145 for 2-4 Continuing Education Unit quarter credits from UC Davis Extension, available for each course. Credit request forms available first day of class.

Housing Accommodations

The C-STEM Center does not directly deal with reservations but can recommend sites that offer discounted or contracted rates.

Parking Information

Information about parking and training locations is available in the pdf form here