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Free 2-Hour Workshop on Physical Computing with Arduino and Robots

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This 2-hour Workshop will provide K-14 teachers with an introduction and  hands-on experience on physical computing using general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins with Arduino and robots, and how to bring physical computing and free C-STEM resources into their classroom teaching of STEM, computer science, making,  and robotics courses. Whether or not you have previous coding and robotics experience, you will enjoy the workshop enormously.

This workshop is geared for grades 5-12 teachers to introduce physical computing and robotics to their classrooms and facilitate a hands-on, engaging learning experience for students. C-STEM challenges students to think beyond their textbooks to apply the mathematical and scientific concepts they are learning to the physical world. Teachers will learn to bring the physical computing curriculum in  C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum to their day-to-day curriculum using a suite of free and subscription-based resources.

Attendees will be introduced to:

  • Maker-friendly technologies and how to bring them to your classroom and afterschool programs.
  • C-STEM Studio, a platform for hands-on integrated learning of computing and STEM subjects with robotics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Building circuitry using a breadboard for Arduino.
  • The ChDuino for tinkering with the general purpose input/output pins on Arduino board.
  • Using physical computing to interface electronic components like LEDs, buttons, and photo-resistors, and Linkbots and NXT/EV3.
  • Learning Arduino for problem solving with the wiring C functions such as pinMode(), digitalRead(), and digitalWrite().
  • Using GPIO pins 0n Arduino to control virtual and hardware Linkbots and/or NXT/EV3
  • Participants will learn how to use the textbook “Learning Physical Computing with Arduino for the Absolute Beginner”  to teach the following middle and high school courses in the C-STEM Math-ICT  Curriculum:
    • Introduction to Physical Computing and Making
    • Physical Computing with Arduino (one semester)


  • Cost: Free
  • Give-away: We encourage multiple teachers from the same school to participate in this professional development.  If three or more teachers registered and attend this workshop from a school not already using the C-STEM program will get a take-home Arduino Starter Kit and Linkbot. This offer will be for first three schools with three or more registered teachers.
  • Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm.
  • Date: See registration page. Please check back, more sessions in different regions will be added.
  • Registration: Space is limited for each session, please register soon. We encourage multiple teachers (such as teachers teaching robotics, computer science, math, science, digital media, engineering, CTE and math coordinators, TOSA) from the same school or district to attend the workshop for networking and effective implementation of the C-STEM program. Due to limited availability, we may be forced to turn away excellent educators for a session. If you are not selected, we hope that you will apply again in the future in different sessions.
  • A Laptop running Windows XP or higher or Mac OS 10.7  or higher is necessary during the training. Please bring a laptop with you for participation in the workshop. Therefore, you can bring home all free teaching resources.
  • You need to download and install the following latest version of C-STEM Software from our downloads page prior to your arrival on the day of training.
    1. Ch Professional
    2. Linkbot Labs
    3. C-STEM Studio

    You must have administrative privileges on the laptop to install software.

  • C-STEM Arduino Starter Kit and robots will be provided during the training.
  • C-STEM partner schools using C-STEM Physical Computing  curriculum can purchase the low-cost C-STEM Arduino and Sensor Kits from  C-STEM industrial partners with a discount.

If you cannot travel to the sites where this workshop will be hold, but  are interested in attending or helping organize this workshop in a city near you, please click HERE to let us know.  If there are strong interests in a city near you, we will look into the possibility to offer one.

Interested in hosting a C-STEM professional development in your area?

If your county office of education, school district, and organization would like to host a C-STEM professional development for STEM teachers in your region, please contact us.


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