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RoboPlay Challenge

RoboPlay – Robot Challenge Competition

The RoboPlay Robot Challenge Competition is designed for students to showcase their real-world problem solving skills in a competitive environment. This competition simulates an unexpected problem occurring at a remote location such as a space station or planetary habitat, where a robotic solution must be quickly developed and deployed, using only existing resources. The competition challenges students to creatively use modular robots and accessories to complete various tasks. The competition arena and specific challenge will be kept secret until the day of the competition. Using their math, programming, and problem solving skills, students try to most efficiently get the highest score for each task.

Early registration deadline: March 30, 2012
Final registration deadline: April 15, 2012
Video submission deadline: May 3, 2012
Date for Robot Challenge Competition & Awards Ceremony: UCD C-STEM Day, May 5, 2012

Photo: C-STEM Day

More information can be found in the Call For Participation.

2012 Winners

1st Place
River City High School
Advisor: Dubarrie Fagout
2nd Place
HJHS Technology & Engineering Design Academy
Advisor: Chris Schlesselman
3rd Place
Bridgeway Island Elementary School
Advisor: Megan Schoellhamer



  • All team members must be students in K-12 schools
  • Each team must use Mobot, a reconfigurable modular robot available from Barobo, Inc., for the competition
  • Each team can use up to 6 Mobots
  • Each team must bring its own Mobots and accessories for the competition
  • Each team must use their own laptops with all proper software pre-installed. Each member can have one laptop. Use of other electronics during the competition, including other computers, calculators, cell phones, and other computing devices is not allowed
  • There will be no internet access during the competition. If a team is caught using the internet during the competition, the team will be disqualified
  • Once the competition has begun, the teams may speak to the Judges for clarification on problems, but should not talk to anyone else outside of their team
  • The Competition will last five hours split into two portions.
    1. The first three hours are for students to solve the math challenge and program their robots to complete the challenge presented at the start of the competition. The solutions must be completed during the first three hours.
    2. The last two hours are for teams to compete against each other to determine the winners of the Competition.

Team Registration

Registration is available for all four C-STEM Competitions: REGISTER HERE.

  • Each team can have 3 to 5 students
  • Each school can have one team
  • Teams must register before the deadline to assure that there is enough time and space for all teams on the day of the competition
  • Teams that register before the early registration deadline must pay a registration fee of $60 per team
  • Teams that register before the final registration deadline must pay a registration fee of $80 per team
  • Make all checks out to “The Regents of the University of California”
  • All checks must be received by the final registration deadline
  • T-Shirts and Lunch Tickets for Tercero Dining Commons may be purchased separately for $15 a piece

Schedule of Events

Time Event Location
8:00am-8:30am Registration for RoboPlay – Robot Challenge Competition Kemper Hall Lobby
8:30am-12:00pm RoboPlay – Robot Challenge Competition Problem Solving Kemper Hall
12:00pm-1:15pm Lunch Break Tercero Dining Hall
1:45pm-3:40pm RoboPlay – Robot Challenge Competition UC Davis Conference Center Ballroom A
3:40pm-4:00pm Coffee Break
4:00pm-5:00pm Awards Ceremony:

  • C-STEM Awards of Achievement
  • C-STEM Awards of Excellence
  • C-STEM Teachers of the Year
  • C-STEM Scholarship for graduating students
  • UC Davis Secondary School Math Programming Competition winners
  • UC Davis RoboPlay – Robot Dance Competition winners
  • UC Davis RoboPlay – Robot Show Competition winners
  • UC Davis RoboPlay – Robot Challenge Competition winners
UC Davis Conference Center Ballroom A, B, C