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Linkbot Labs and Linkbots

Q: How can I update firmware on a Linkbot?
A: Open up Linkbot Labs, click the ‘?’ in the upper right hand corner and select the ‘Start Firmware Updater’ button.

  1. Disconnect any Linkbot or dongle attached to your computer.
  2. Shut down any other programs that control Linkbots.
  3. Turn off the Linkbot whose firmware you would like to update.
  4. Plug the Linkbot into your computer with a USB cable.
  5. Turn on the Linkbot. Its LED will flash red, then go blank while its firmware is updated.
  6. When the Linkbot beeps and its LED turns blue, you are done. To flash another robot, return to step 1.

Q: I exhausted all the options for connecting a Linkbot with Linkbot Labs or Ch program, what else can I do?
A: (a) Try unplugging/plugging back in your Linkbot/Z-link dongle, restarting Linkbot Labs, or turning off/on your Linkbot.

(b) Update the firmware of your Linkbot.

Q: What do I do when Linkbot Labs does not recognize my robot?

  • Make sure the robot is turned on. Turn the robot on by holding down the power button until the purple LED turns blue. Plugging the robot in does not automatically power on the robot.
  • Make sure the robot is properly plugged into your computer.
  • (Windows) Make sure the driver is properly installed. Driver installation is included as part of the LinkbotLabs installation process. If that does not work, the driver can also be found inside the directory “driver” in your LinkbotLabs installation directory.
  • (Windows) Check to make sure that the robot is recognized by your computer. The robot should appear in the Device Manager in the “Ports” section, and should have a COM port assigned to it.
  • (Windows) Make sure the LinkbotLabs service is running. Start the “View Local Services” application and make sure the “Linkbot baromeshd daemon” is running.
  • You may try a different USB cable to see if the USB cable does  not work anymore after certain time of usage.

Q: What do I do when the Linkbot motors seem jerky when trying to move at constant velocity?

Q. How Do I re-calibrate a Linkbot?
A: Robots come pre-calibrated from the factory, but they may sometimes need re-calibration. To re-calibrate the robot’s motors, first move the robot’s motors to their zero positions. Then, hold down the A and B buttons until the motors begin to move. The motors will begin to rotate for 5 seconds as the robot re-calibrates itself.

Q: When I open Linkbot Labs in C-STEM Studio it tells me I’m in offline mode even though I am connected to the internet.

A: Your internet filtering settings may be blocking linkbotlabs.com. Add linkbotlabs.com to the approved sites and try again.