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Q: What do I do if RoboSim fails to open from C-STEM Studio?
A: On a Windows computer navigate to the following folder (replacing your_name with the user account name).
C:/Users/your_name/AppData/Local/C-STEM Studio/RoboSim/
Inside the RoboSim folder you should see a robosim.xml file. Remove this file and try to open RoboSim. If you cannot find the AppData folder, this may be because it is hidden and you need to turn on access to hidden files/folders. Or you can follow the following commands in a Ch Command Shell to remove robosim.xml file.

For Windows:

cd “AppData/Local/C-STEM Studio/RoboSim”
rm robosim.xml
C:\Ch\bin\rm.exe: remove regular file `robosim.xml’? y


For Mac OS:

rm ~/Library/Application Support/C-STEM Studio/RoboSim/robosim.xml
rm: remove regular file `robosim.xml’? y

Q: Why my program is always launching simulation even if RoboSim is closed?
A: There are several reasons may cause this problem.

  • It is possible that the RoboSim is closed but still running in the background. You can open Windows task manager (CTRL-ALT-DLT) to check if the RoboSim process is still there. If yes, just force stop it from the task manager.
  • RoboSim is not the only C-STEM software that can enable simulation. Other software such as Ch Linkbot Controller (CLC) and Ch Robot Controller (CRC) can do it as well. If you have CLC or CRC open while programming, you need to make sure the “Platform” option is on “Hardware Robot”. It makes hardware robots enabled and virtual robots disabled.

Q: When I open Ch Linkbot Controller (CLC), Ch Windstorms Controller (CMC), and/or RoboSim for controlling virtual robots, virtual robots do not work as expected.

A: Only one of  CLC, CMC, and RoboSim can open at a time for virtual robots as they share the same configuration file of robosim.xml for RoboSim. 

  • If you want to use both Linkbot and Mindstorms virtual robots, use RoboSim only.
  • For controlling hardware robots, it is ok to open both CLC and CMC at the same time.