4/26/16, Teaching math with computer programming can help narrow achievement gap

4/4/16, UC Davis ‘Computer Science For All’ Now Available for Schools Nationwide

10/15/15, UC Davis releases C-STEM Studio: Robotics and computing tools for teachers

1/29/16, Director Harry Cheng gives an invited speech at UC Irvine

Dr. Cheng gave an invited speech to a group of professors, researchers, and K-12 administrators on integrating computing and robotics into K-12 math education at the UC Irvine campus on …

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2/10/2015: The C-STEM Center showcased through Change the Equation|STEMWorks

The C-STEM Center has been recently chosen by Change the Equation | STEMworks to be showcased as one of their premier STEM programs with an Accomplished rating. STEMworks is viewed …

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