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2020 10th Anniversary C-STEM Conference

Join the 10th Annual Conference on Integrated Computing and STEM Education on December 7 – 10 online from 3 – 5 pm PT organized by UC Davis C-STEM Center in partnership with the California Department of Education and Small School District Association. The theme of this 10th anniversary conference and also for celebration of 2020 CS Education Week is “Equity in CS and STEAM Education During the Pandemic“.

C-STEM is a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission for all UC campuses with UCOP A-G Program Status. Since the lockdown due to the pandemic, C-STEM has transitioned to support our K-12 teachers and their students with distance learning CS and STEAM with both virtual and hardware robots. This conference will explore engaging solutions to distance learning challenges in CS and STEAM education, learn from fellow district and school administrators and teachers, and discover ground-breaking strategies for reaching ALL students and better preparing them for post-secondary education and careers.

You will learn from the district and school leaders their strategies on how to integrate computing and robotics into regular STEMM curriculum with our hands-on coding and robotics. You will also lean from both experienced and new C-STEM teachers  on how to get started with the C-STEM program and have successfully impacted students from ALL backgrounds through C-STEM Robotics, Free GIRL/GIRL+ Camps, and the annual level-playing-field RoboPlay Competition.

Call for Nomination of C-STEM Educator Awards

Nominations are currently being accepted for C-STEM Educator Awards (C-STEM Teacher of the Year,  C-STEM Administrator of the Year) with certificates from California Department of Education, California legislature, and UC Davis, to be presented at the conference on December 7th.

You can find the Award Nomination forms here or click on “C-STEM Education Awards” to the left.

*The deadline to submit nominations for C-STEM Education Awards  is Friday, November 6*

Keynote and Plenary Speeches

Coming Soon.

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