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    Ethan Wang

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    I have a student that is using a Surface Pro 3, which uses a Windows 10 operating system, and it seems to give him a ChIDE Professional Edition when he downloads the ChIDE Student Edition. He used this download path after logging in:
    https://www.softintegration.com/cgi-bin/download/software/download.ch < he is using this portion on the download page… “For the latest Ch Student Edition (freely available for students’ personal machines without expiration), please go to the SoftIntegration website and register to download.” but is nor working for him

    The download that he receives is called: chstudent-7.5.3.exe

    Upon opening the application after rebooting his computer, it gave him a Professional Edition download. He followed the installation instructions thoroughly and has even uninstalled and reinstalled with the same result. What he gets is a program that doesn’t contain nearly enough options to follow along with in the class.

    Could you please advise..

    Matt Huffine


    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for your question and sorry for the issues you’ve been having. Since this is an issue related to Ch Professional, which is maintained by SoftIntegration, it might be best to contact them directly to see if they can provide a solution. I have not experienced this issue before. Please contact SoftIntegration support at the email below.


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    Having a problem getting Ch Professional 8.0 to work/open up after be loaded on a Mac running OSx El Capitan vs. 10.11.6. Can you give me any pointers? I loaded all three products in the order recommended and use Chide 7.5 last year with no problems…

    Matt Huffine mhuffine@lcer.org


    Hi Matt,

    We don’t have such an issue for using the Mac version.
    You may contact support@softinegration.com for their support.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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