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machine_rtc.ch demo issues

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    We are having trouble with the machine_rtc.ch demo found in the CH Robot Controller package. It refers to an include file conio.h which doesn’t exist in the OSX installation. I see it in the Windows installation: include\windows\conio.h. If I comment out this line, I only have to fix one other issue to get the program to compile.

    The second issue is a call to getche near the beginning of the file. If I change it to getchar, the app compiles and seems to exhibit some functionality.



    The head file conio.h for handling console I/O functions is available in Windows only. getche() is one of console I/O functions. It allows a program to obtain the user input character without enter the return key. getche() is not available in Mac. It cannot be replaced readily by getchar().The code will need to do some modification to work with getchar() in Mac to handle the return character ‘\n’ in the input stream buffer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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