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    Animation Infinix adopts new trends of three-dimensional video illustration. AnimationInfinix has creative designers that are well-known for using illustration techniques with new ideas such as boundary-blurring and realism in the digital world. Animation Infinix is taking advantage of three-dimension illustrations and grabbing more customers from the entire world. It is the fact that AnimationInfinix has a broad range of experts and professionals in this field.


    Well, I can’t speak to 3D animation but I’m sure the same tips would apply.

    Start big and work to small. Meaning, start with the big poses and moves and work to progressively smaller details.
    Show your work early on and frequently. Feedback can be invaluable because, let’s face it, you’ve been spending your time on excruciating detail that lasts for a few seconds. You need someone else’s perspective once in a while.
    If it looks wrong to you, it’s probably wrong. If you can’t see it, flip it so it’s backwards and the wrongness will show itself.
    Thumbnail, thumbnail, thumbnail. Even in 3D.

    Learn to draw. You don’t have to be a genius at it but it will help. What drawing does is train you to observe. You learn to distill the big shapes down to a few lines and slow down to see details others miss.

    Don’t rely on references. Not fully. Don’t rotoscope, it’s noticeable. Internalize the movement. And then cartoon it. You don’t need to act it out in front of a video camera and copy it directly. I see it all the time and it’s distracting. Animators have been called actors with pencils but they are not trained actors. Acting classes may help to understand what to do when dealing with dialogue and improve you character acting. But most animators are not physical actors and therefore the acting can be laboured to say the least.

    Take a break. Walk away for a while. Producers take note: let your artists breathe. We/they can’t be expected to be at the screen ALL the time. Quality will plummet. Less is more! More quality!

    Expand your repertoire. Studying your favourite Pixar animation or anime is fine but, again, walk away and take a break. Explore other avenues of art expression. Watch foreign films, old films, short weird films. Explore art that is exceptional and thoroughly mediocre. EXPAND YOUR MIND. It will help you.

    Be unafraid to make a bad picture. You learn more from mistakes and failure than successes.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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