9/19/2018 C-STEM Studio Version 5.0 Released

C-STEM Studio version 5.0 has been released! Working with Barobo, Inc., we have developed many new features in C-STEM Studio version 5.0 including: Control hardware Linkbots and Arduino boards through …

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9/19/2018 The New C-STEM Trainer Program

The C-STEM Trainer Program allows experienced C-STEM teachers and math/science/CS/CTE coordinators to become certified C-STEM Trainers who can provide C-STEM professional development for teachers in different regions.

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UC Davis Releases New Version C-STEM Studio for Teaching Math with Coding

Hillcrest High School: Increasing Math Performance through the C-STEM program

The C-STEM Center is recruiting an Education Service Manager. Position is open now.