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RoboPlay Competition

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RoboPlay Competition is an annual culminating event for the C-STEM program. It is organized to build public awareness and advocate for hands-on integrated computing and STEM education for K-12 students. The event brings the C-STEM community together to organize RoboPlay Challenge Competition in various regions on a Saturday by the end of May each year to further engage students in project-based team activities and to showcase their accomplishments and creativity.

Both RoboPlay Challenge Competition and RoboPlay Video Competition are designed to support K-12 core academic content and standards.

Various C-STEM awards and scholarships are presented at the awards ceremonies to recognize students’ achievements and inspire them to pursue computing and STEM-related careers and post-secondary study. The awards include


Diversity in RoboPlay Competition

% Underrepresented Groups

Challenge Video
2015 56.5% 65.1%
2016 54.4% 60.0%
2017 56.6% 60.7%
2018 59.5% 54.7%

% Female Students

Challenge Video
2015 33.0% 30.2%
2016 33.2% 36.7%
2017 34.3% 39.3%
2018 35.1% 36.6%

% Underrepresented Minority

Challenge Video
2015 36.4% 50.3%
2016 34.3% 38.7%
2017 36.4% 45.1%
2018 41.8% 34.0%


4/20/2018, RoboPlay Competiton for learning math, by  Emma Kristovich, a former Livermore High C-STEM student and current RoboPlay Coordinator for the UC Davis C-STEM Center, a sophomore at UC Davis majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, and a UC Regents Scholar.