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Professional Development

“Oh my gosh! I barely can contain myself….soooo fun!!! So challenging and so rewarding at the same time!!!”  — Jessica Fernandez, Math Teacher,Glen Edwards Middle School, California

C-STEM provides unique professional development for K-14 teachers without any prior computing and robotics experience to use freely available C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly,  as well as C-STEM integrated curriculum  effectively.  We can bring the C-STEM professional development opportunities to your school, district, county, and region through C-STEM 1-Day or 2-Day Academy, 1-Day Workshop, 1-Week Institute, 1-Week Workshop, On-Site Professional Development, and Train-the-Trainer Affiliate Program.

The extensive self-guided video tutorials for using C-STEM Studio and  video tutorials for RoboBlockly are available free for teachers and students.

You may also now use DonorsChoose to seek funding for your Professional Development training.

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1-Day Introductory Academy on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

The C-STEM 1-Day Introductory Academy introduces teachers in grades 5 – 12, and community college STEM teachers, as well as math/CTE/Science coordinators, to the full C-STEM Studio software suit, sample curriculum, Common Core State Standard alignment, C-STEM Teaching Resources, and RoboPlay Competition Challenges. Click here for more information about the 1-Day Introductory Academy. 

2-Day Academy on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

The C-STEM 2-Day Academy on integrated computing and STEM education will provide K-14  teachers with hands-on experience on how to use freely available C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly,  as well as C-STEM integrated curriculum   with interactive computing, programming, and robotics that aligns with the Common Core Math and ICT Sector standards to develop students’ 21st century problem-solving skills and better prepare students for college and careers. Click here for more information about 2-Day Academy.

1-Day Workshop on Programming NXT/EV3

C-STEM Studio Ch Mindstorms Package and Ch Robot Controller is the simplest possible way to control  single or multiple Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 with only a few lines of code for various  STEM applications. Both NXT and EV3 are controlled and programmed identically. The C-STEM 1-Day Workshop on Programming NXT/EV3  will provide  teachers with hands-on experience on how to program NXT and EV3 using freely available C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly. Click here for more information about 1-Day Workshop.

1-Week Institute on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

This intensive 1-week institute is designed to provide professional development for K-14 teachers on the principles of robotics and computing and how to integrate them into STEM classes. Teachers learn computer programming, computational thinking, and problem-solving with coding using freely available C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly.  Teachers will learn specific teaching pedagogy and classroom implementation strategies for integrating computing and robotics activities into math, science and engineering curricula, as well as how to support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) using the C-STEM integrated  curriculum with interactive computing, programming, and robotics. Teachers also learn how to teach and reinforce mathematical concepts through practical applications with hands-on computing and robotics activities. These activities reinforce logical reasoning and critical thinking skills through computing activities in which students write functions, visualize, process, save and plot experimental and hypothetical data. Teachers will get the first-hand experience of C-STEM RoboPlay Competition and learn to advise their students to participate in this level-playing field robot competition. Click here for more information about 1-Week Institute.

1-Week Workshop on Arduino and Cyber-Physical Systems

This  1-Week Workshop  provides professional development for K-14 teachers on electronics and sensors using Arduino through the freely available C-STEM Studio  in Ch Arduino, ChIDE, and Arduino IDE. Ch Arduino  is the easiest way to get started tinkering with electronics using Arduino.   C/C++ interpreter Ch is the simplest possible way to program Arduino using the standard Arduino C functions. ChDuino is a simple graphical user interface to interact with I/O pins of Arduino boards. Participants will learn the software development concepts for interface with hardware using Arduino with various enlightening examples. The participants also learn the principles and design of Cyber-Physical Systems using CPSkit, a versatile robot kit for teaching and learning cyber-physical systems. Participants will learn the design thinking and product realization for making. This workshop is designed for K-14 teachers and their students to join the Maker Movement, for integrating Arduino into science and engineering curriculum, and for supporting the computer programming with Arduino and the capstone course for the C-STEM ICT Pathway.  Click here for more information about 1-Week Workshop.

On-Site Professional Development

On-site training is available from the C-STEM’s qualified trainers. You supply the training room, computers and robots (or robot kits) and we supply the expertise.  Professional development tailored to your school and district setting is available, but a minimum of two days is required. Click here for more information about the On-Site Professional Development.

Train-the-Trainer Institute

The 3-Day C-STEM  Train-the-Trainer Institute provides professional development for  district/county office of education staff, experienced teachers, and  college and university faculty of C-STEM  Train-the-Trainer Affiliates to become certified C-STEM Trainers who can provide C-STEM certified training for teachers in their district, county, or geographic area.  Click here for more information about the Train-the-Trainer Institute.

Interested in hosting a C-STEM Professional Development in your area?

If your organization would like to host a C-STEM Professional Development for STEM teachers in your region, please contact us.



2012 C-STEM Summer Institute on Integrated Computing and STEM Education (click the above picture to show a video)

Testimonials from Participants of the C-STEM Professional Development

“Simply the best staff development training I have ever been to. In my experience, practicing classroom teachers always give the best advice, and the UC Davis C-STEM program offers this.”

–Doug Obrigawitch – Math Teacher and Department Chair, Manteca High School

“The trainers did an amazing job taking very divergent topics (programming, robotics, math) and making it all very accessible for me.  It all came together.”

– Glen Warren, McPherson Magnet, Orange Unified School District

“Excellent program.  I really enjoyed learning to integrate Algebra into coding.  It makes a lot of sense, I didn’t know it was possible to just jump in and teach robotics but now I feel confident.  I love the support we received; I can’t stop thinking of different ways of teaching my classes with robotics and programming.”

– Marilyn Cunneen, Marina High School, HBYHSD

Top notch instructors and instruction, excellent facilities and great group of teachers in attendance.  I don’t always get a chance to thoroughly enjoy a workshop with such high standards.”

– Mickey Bowen, K-12 STEM Outreach Director, Edwards Air Force Base

“This was exceedingly fun and valuable. With the new Common Core State Standards arriving, I can see many uses and support through robotics & programming. This was one of the better training classes I have been to.  It got me excited to take this back to my classroom.”

–  Daniel Leedy, Corona Del Mar H.S., Newport Mesa U.S.D

“Was outstanding and super useful as it will allow me to align already existing curriculum developed by my PLC at my school site. I had been trying to integrate computer coding in my lessons, this workshop will save me a lot of time and provide additional tools and resources.”

– Edwin Contreras, Hillsdale High School, San Mateo Unified School District

“The training was outstanding for me, with little or really old programming experience. Can’t wait to use this in class!”

– Karen Brown, Fallon Middle, Dublin Unified

“I really enjoyed the C-STEM P.D. I am looking forward to integrating the bots and programming into my science curriculum. My students will see the real world process of developing and programing their machine.”

– Jim Parsons, Fallon Middle School, Dublin USD

“The C-STEM P.D. day made me see how technology could be implemented into our middle school. This could help students career. Instead of abstract book work students will be able to apply what they have learned in a meaningful way.”

– Viet Dinh, Fallon Middle, Dublin USD

“I learned that I love computer programming and if you can get me to love this than you must be doing something right! If I love it then it will be so much easier to inspire my students.”

– Amber Rafferty at Cambridge Elementary

“I am overwhelmed by how you accommodated our group. I have never experienced a PD that was so concerned with the feedback of their attendees, thank you so much for all your hard work, it was truly amazing to be a part of this workshop!”

“Thank you thank you thank you thank! I never thought the phrase “computer programming” and my name would ever be in the same sentence and now I just sit on my couch and program for fun. I am so excited to bring this to my classroom.”

– Kelly Matson, 6th/7th/8th Grade Math & US History