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C-STEM Math Success Stories

Success Stories on Transforming Math Education and Closing the Math Achievement Gap

The innovative C-STEM program using Barobo Linkbot has been successfully implemented in many schools for engaging students learning computing and STEM. It has been particularly effective in helping students hands-on learning math with computing and robotics to address the challenges on K-12 math education. The following successful stories  by teachers with no prior coding experience before working with C-STEM Center, with independent data collection and analysis, are highlighted in this flyer. They demonstrate that, for at-risk and gifted students alike, C-STEM program can significantly increase math performance and close the achievement gap.

McPherson Magnet K-8 School increases SBAC Math Scores by 72% over 4 years

McPherson Magnet K-8 school sees increases in math scores for SBAC standard math test every year since they’ve adopted C-STEM Robotics. This year, scores rose to 51% to 88% of their students meeting or exceeding the math standards in 3rd grade, which were the highest 3rd grade math scores among 27 elementary schools in Orange USD!

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Livermore High School: Closing the Algebra 1 Achievement Gap

An Algebra 1 class of 84% at-risk students at Livermore High School earned an 83% average on the Livermore Valley Joint USD exam after implementing C-STEM Algebra 1 with Computing and Robotics curriculum, compared to the district wide average of 68%. 100% of students in the class passed the course, and have passed subsequent math courses on Geometry and Algebra 2.

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Hillcrest High School: Success on Integrated Math 2 

After working with the C-STEM Program, students at Hillcrest High School regularly performed at a higher level on common formative assessments that were given throughout the site. 94% of its students in C-STEM Integrated Math II earned passing marks, compared to the site average of 61% passing rate in non C-STEM Integrated Math II courses.

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American Canyon Middle School: Students Shine on Smarter Balanced Math Test

33% of students in Napa Valley USD and 38% in American Canyon Middle School school met or exceeded the common core standards for the Smarter Balanced math test. In Tammy Lee’s C-STEM Integrated Math 1 class, 94% of the class exceeded, 6% met the standard, and 37% scored a perfect 2082, the highest score possible.

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Cincinnati, Ohio: Improving Math Scores and Attitudes in Middle Schools

In the 2016-2017 school year, 14% more of C-STEM students scored proficient or higher on the Ohio Computer Based Assessments for Math. Additionally, 77% of the students in the Applied Math class using C-STEM curriculum passed the 8th grade Math AIR assessment versus 16% of the students in Applied Math who passed in the previous year that were not using C-STEM curriculum.

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Roosevelt Middle School: Success on RoboPlay Challenge Competition  

In 2015, Roosevelt Middle School in Oakland USD participated for the first time in the C-STEM Day RoboPlay Challenge Competition, where the team ended up winning 3rd place. The school has now fully embraced the C-STEM program and is providing computer science education through the C-STEM curriculum for all students.

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