About C-STEM —  Transforming Math Education Through Computing and Robotics

C-STEM (Computing, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is  a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission for both K-12 and Community College students to all UC campuses. Participation in the C-STEM program, C-STEM student individual awards and team awards for RoboPlay Competition, and extracurricular activities such as RoboPlay Competition and GIRL/GIRL+ Camps are recognized in the UC admissions process as achievements that have explicitly prepared students for college and career. Undergraduate applicants in UC on-line application can select C-STEM as a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program.

C-STEM has UC A-G Program Status. High schools can readily and easily add the  “A-G approved” rigorous C-STEM curriculum integrated with computing and robotics  to their own school’s A-G course lists to satisfy the UC/CSU admission requirements, without submitting a complete course content description and going through the traditional approval process with the University of California Office of President.

C-STEM develops computing technology, curriculum, and pedagogical strategies, and provides professional development and support for STEM teachers, even those without any prior coding and robotics experience, to integrate hands-on computing and robotics into their classroom teaching. The rigorous C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum provides K-12 students with up to 13 years of integrated learning of math and computer science.

C-STEM has been independently vetted by STEMWorks as an Accomplished STEM program since 2015.