C-STEM Teacher of the Year

C-STEM Teacher of the Year recognizes C-STEM teachers for their exceptional contributions in teaching computing, integrating computing into STEM subjects, and inspiring students to pursue careers and post-secondary study in C-STEM fields.  Award recipients are selected by the C-STEM Awards Committee consisting of the university faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

  • Nominees must be teachers teaching C-STEM subjects in K-12 schools with an annual C-STEM subscription.
  • Nominees must be actively participating in the C-STEM program, including advising student teams for RoboPlay Challenge Competition on C-STEM Day.
  • Nominees have not received this award in the past.
  • Continuously actively involved in the C-STEM program.
  • If selected, be able to attend and make a presentation at the C-STEM Conference.
Selection Criteria
  • Evidence on excellence in computing and STEM education, especially on integration of computing into STEM education.
  • Presents concepts in fun and exciting ways.
  • Inspire students of different backgrounds and abilities to learn.
  • Have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Play an active and useful role in school and extracurricular activities.
  • Nominees need to attend the C-STEM Annual Conference in person to receive the award.