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C-STEM Supports Learning in School Districts Across California


One of the strong points of the C-STEM program is the variety of ways a school can implement, allowing a school to integrate computing and robotics where they feel it would most benefit their students. While this variety is available, certain steps are needed for any school to successfully implement and ensure full student and teacher adoption.

You can  download and use C-STEM Studio (supporting a C/C++ interpreter Ch, Linkbot Labs for Linkbot, Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3, Arduino, RoboSim, RoboBlockly, textbooks in pdf file, associated computer programs, etc.). C-STEM Studio and RoboBlockly are provided for schools and students at no cost.

Getting Started with the C-STEM Program
Steps to Get Started Freely:
  1. Perform a two-minutes interactive tutorial on using RoboBlockly to taste a part of the C-STEM program.
  2. Watch some video tutorials on using RoboBlockly.
  3. Watch a video on how to Download and Install C-STEM Studio Related Software for Teachers
  4. Download C-STEM Studio related software.
  5. Watch some video tutorials on using C-STEM Studio.
  6. Download some textbooks in PDF files, which are also included in your downloaded C-STEM Studio.
  7. Perform some grade-level specific  robotics, coding, and math activities in RoboBlockly.
  8. Give the links for one-page C-STEM flyerC-STEM Curriculumbenefits working with C-STEM Center,  and the article “Teaching math with computer programming can help narrow achievement gap” to your colleagues, principal, superintendent, and president and members of the district board of education to request them to integrate the C-STEM program into the teaching plan, and sign up for C-STEM professional development to learn more.
Get Your Student Teams to Participate in RoboPlay Video Competition.

Your student teams can participate in  RoboPlay Video Competition for project-based hands-on learning computing and STEAM. It only costs $20 to participate.

Steps for Implementation with C-STEM Subscription

Please follow the steps below for a successful implementation of the C-STEM Program in your school. Please read the C-STEM subscription benefits.

1. Please review the Program Support Requirement and Components: These components are critical for successful implementation. Please first review them to verify your school/district/county will be able to provide these pieces for your teachers and students. Please see our Program Support Page, our Program Requirements and the Implementation Brochure. Please identify the type of implementation as well as focus courses listed in the Program Requirements.

2. Identify a District Coordinator and School Coordinator(s) District Coordinator: responsible for contracts and MOUs, coordinating with School Administrators, school adherence to program requirements, and managing software updates. School Coordinator: responsible for ensuring proper teacher training and support, payment of the subscription fee, reviewing program requirements yearly, and coordinating yearly student assessments.
Note: Each C-STEM school must designate a School Coordinator.

3. Submit an order for a C-STEM Subscription The District Coordinator should log into the C-STEM Site, navigate to the Registered Users Subsite on the top right corner, and submit an order for a C-STEM School Subscription for each of the schools they wish to enroll.

4. Identify appropriate teachers The selection of teachers should happen from both sides of the table: schools should identify teachers who meet C-STEM requirements and who are willing to implement new integrated curriculum into their classrooms and teachers should self-select to uphold the integrity of implementation. Once the teacher(s) are selected, the School coordinator must submit signed agreements from each teacher in order for all parties to recognize the responsibilities of all parties involved.

5. Submit an Application The school district and participating schools must apply to become a C-STEM school by emailing a completed application to our contact person or info(at) C-STEM Application Part 1 – District Information C-STEM Application Part 2 – School information (please fill out Part 2 for each site).

6. Submit a signed Agreement After we receive your application, we will send you an agreement to be signed along with links and documentation for purchasing associated materials/equipment/software. Please review the program requirements with your school board, superintendent, and legal department to make sure all parties are fully aware of district and school responsibilities before submitting a signed agreement. Once we have received this signed agreement, we will finalize the contract and invoice your organization for the subscription cost.

7. Teacher Training The District Coordinator and School Coordinators work with the C-STEM Center to setup professional development through C-STEM 2-Day Academy, 1-Week Institute, On-Site Professional Development, or Train-the-Trainer Program in your school, district, county, or region.

8. Purchase required equipment and software All equipment and software (with C-STEM discount for Ch) should be purchased prior to training to ensure timely implementation. More information can be found on the Program Support page. Please note that some software and hardware will be purchased through our partners, not through the C-STEM Center.

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