Volunteering in Schools

Computing, computer programming, and computer-aided problem solving have been integrated to the formal K-12 courses “Algebra Reasoning”, “Algebra Readiness”, “Pre-Algebra”, “Algebra I”, “Geometry”, “Applied Physics”, “Engineering Design”, “Technology”, “Computer Programming for STEM Applications”, “Computer Programming for Solving Applied Problems”, and “Robotic Technologies” for students from 6th to 12th grades. The user-friendly C/C++ interpreter Ch is used in classroom presentations and computer labs for homework assignments and projects. Some of the best performers in the class are 6th graders. With our innovative teaching pedagogy and materials, students can learn computing at an early age.

Professionals, graduate students, and undergraduate students from UC Davis often give lectures in our participating schools and serve as teaching assistants to help K-12 students to learn STEM subjects. As role models, they inspire K-12 students to pursue STEM related careers.

C-STEM is looking for volunteers to help teachers in the classroom or during afterschool programs. Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach math and/or demonstrate robotics to students in a classroom environment.

Please register for the site and fill out the Volunteer information page if you would like to volunteer with C-STEM at neighborhood schools.

A UC Davis graduate student working with a group of high school students at River City High School to design a robot.