C-STEM Service Award


C-STEM Service Award recognizes C-STEM volunteers for their unusually dedicated voluntary service to  the C-STEM program by demonstrated outstanding performance, effective leadership, prolonged and committed service, devotion, enthusiasm and faithfulness.  Award recipients are selected by the C-STEM Awards Committee consisting of university faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

  • Nominees must be  volunteers or K-14 educators. Nominees cannot be staff of the C-STEM Center.
  • Nominees have not received this award in the past.
  • Continuously actively involved in the C-STEM program.
  • If selected, be able to attend in person to receive the award and make a presentation at the upcoming Annual C-STEM Conference.
Selection Criteria
  • Evidence on excellent dedicated voluntary service to  the C-STEM program.
  • Play an active and useful role in the C-STEM program.

Please contact the C-STEM office for the nomination form.
If selected, the conference registration fee will be waived. Nominees will however need to provide their own travel and lodging accommodations.


For more information, please contact:
Phone: (530) 752-9082
Email: awards@c-stem.ucdavis.edu