Getting Started

Student  can  download and use C-STEM Studio (supporting a C/C++ interpreter Ch, Linkbot Labs for Linkbot, Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3, Arduino, RoboSim, RoboBloklytextbooks in pdf files, associated computer programs, etc.) for free.  The same software and textbooks are used in classroom teaching in K-12 schools and colleges.

Steps to Get Started freely:
  1.  Perform a two-minutes interactive tutorial on using RoboBlockly to taste a part of the C-STEM program.
  2. Watch some video tutorials on using RoboBlockly
  3. Watch a video on how to Download and Install C-STEM Studio Related Software
  4. Download C-STEM Studio related software
  5. Watch some video tutorials on using C-STEM Studio.
  6. Download some textbooks in PDF files, which are also included in your downloaded C-STEM Studio.
  7.  perform some grade-level specific  robotics, coding, and math activities in RoboBlockly.
  8. Give the links for one-page C-STEM flyerC-STEM Curriculum, and the article “Teaching math with computer programming can help narrow achievement gap“to your  teachers, principal, superintendent, and president and members of the district board of education to request them to integrate the C-STEM program into their teaching plan.