C-STEM Elementary School Curriculum

Image of students engaging in a RoboBlockly activity.


Through C-STEM Math and CS curriculum, TK-6 students learn math, computer science, and science through building and coding. Students can quickly build their own robots by snapping Linkbot and accessories together. They can then readily control and program their robots using user-friendly RoboBlocky in drag-and-drop coding.


Computer Science with Robotics (a sequence of seven courses from grades K to 6)

These courses introduce students fundamentals of Computer Science with robotics in compliant with Computer Science Standards. Students will not only learn computer science, science, and engineering, but also gain experience and skills in arts, fine motor coordination, design, spatial relations, graphing, following directions, etc. Symbol-based blocks and multi-languages are used to help students who are English language learners. Students do not need prior coding or robotics experience.


Mathematics with Robotics (a sequence of seven courses from grades TK to 6)

These course are for students to learn mathematical concepts in the Common Core State Standards – Mathematics through practical applications with hands-on coding and robotics activities. Students can wrote code in block-based coding, which can generate corresponding C/C++ computer programs, to control  a single robot and/or multiple robots. Through  both personalized and collaborative group computing and robotics activities, students learn and reinforce the algebraic thinking with arithmetic operations in whole and decimal numbers, number line,  fractions, measurement, variables, data conversion, lines, angles, ratios, proportions, and linear relation.  The hands-on computing and experiments help students make meaningful connections between abstract math concepts and their relevance to real-life applications, as well as help develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.