C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum

The C-STEM Math-Information and Communication Technologies (Math-ICT) Curriculum is specially designed to prepare K-12 students for Computing and STEM related careers and post-secondary studies. The C-STEM  Math-ICT Pathway provides K-12 students with 13 years of hands-on integrated math and computer science education with coding in RoboBlocky and Ch/C/C++,  the computer programming language used most widely in colleges and industries. They will thus be better prepared to take on the challenges that await them in college and the workplace. 



 The curriculum is aligned with most commonly used math textbooks.  It includes robotics and math with coding activities for elementary school students, computer programming and robotics courses for middle school students,  computer programming and robotics courses, AP Computer Science Principles, and a capstone course on Robotic Technologies for high school students, as well as Common Core compliant math curriculum integrated with computing and robotics. All pathway high school courses are pre-approved with A-G credit to fulfill admission requirements for the UC and California State University systems.

Students using the C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum are exposed to computational thinking and coding in RoboBlocky and Ch/C/C++ for 13 years, woven together with math, science, engineering, and even artistic projects. C/C++ is the foundation for ICT and the most widely used programming language in universities and the ICT industry. Therefore, C-STEM students will be career and college ready.  Our curriculum and platform allow teachers and students to make a  smooth transition from drag-and-drop block-based coding to text-based programming in Ch/C/C++ seamlessly.

The C-STEM Center provides C-STEM Professional Development for teachers, including those who have no prior computer programming and robotics experience, to implement the C-STEM Math-ICT Pathway effectively. PD participants have an option to get their CS Credential through the Joint UC Davis/UC Riverside Computer Science Supplementary Teaching Credential Authorization Program. The center can bring the C-STEM on-site professional development opportunities to your school, district, county, and region.