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Ch: The Simplest Possible Computing in C/C++

from SoftIntegration

“Unlocking a well hidden truth: Math can be a wonderfully creative and useful tool, not only in school but in your everyday life. Using Ch as a medium allows students to be the artists and algebra to be the paintbrush.”

 Chris Schlesselman, Lead CTE Teacher, Technology & Engineering Design Academy, Hiram W Johnson High School

Ch is specially designed for absolute beginners to learn coding and math in C/C++ with the following salient features:

  •  A C/C++ interpreter with interactive capabilities
  • Easy to master by instructors and students
  • Ideal for classroom use, making beginners’ learning experiences more enjoyable and fostering students’ interest in STEM disciplines
  • Aids learning the most widely used programming language, C/C++, in both industry and colleges and prepares students to be career and college ready
  • Can be used for controlling robotics and learning programming and STEM subjects
  •  Supports easy graphical plotting and quick animation capabilities
  • Has a user-friendly development environment (ChIDE) with syntax highlighting and debugging capabilities
  • Supports most C++ features for object-based programming
  • Runs in Windows, Mac OS X,  Linux, and Raspberry Pi

SoftIntegration offers free Ch Professional Edition for Raspberry Pi  and  free  Student Edition.

ch software


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C-STEM schools will receive 50% discount for Ch Professional. All Ch Professional licenses for C-STEM Schools will expire on September 30th and all new licenses will begin on October 1st. Schools/districts will not be able to purchase a professional license for any amount of time less than 1 year. Schools/districts purchasing after August 1st will purchase the rest of the academic year at a pro-rated price plus the following academic year.   For example, if a school wants to purchase a license in December they will need to purchase one for 22 months, 10 months pro-rated from December to September and another 12 months for the following year.

System Requirements for Implementing the C-STEM Program

Windows XP or above (32 and 64 bits) with 500 MBytes disk space and 46 Mbyte RAM.

Mac OS X 10.6.8 x86 (32 and 64 bits) or above.

Raspberry Pi