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The latest C-STEM Studio v6.0 has many new features. It bundles the latest Linkbot Labs 2.0 and allows the user to control hardware Linkbot and Arduino from RoboBlockly directly. You need to register on our web site first to download.

Login and then click here to download C-STEM Studio v6.0 beta version

If you are an IT Personnel please Contact Us for information on how to access MSI files and Curriculum for C-STEM Schools.

You can buy Linkbot, and low-cost Arduino, and Raspberry Pi kits from our industrial partner Barobo, Inc.

1.  Downloads for Windows 

Windows Install Instructions

Please install the software in the order listed below.

If you use Raspberry Pi installed with C-STEMbian accessing from Windows, download and install the following modules:

2.  Downloads for Mac

Macintosh Install Instructions
Please install the software in the order listed below.

For users upgrading from C-STEM Studio v4.x, please remove the C-STEM Studio icon from the docker manually first. Please see the FAQ for more information.

If you use Raspberry Pi installed with C-STEMbian accessing from  Mac OS X,  download and install the following modules:

3. Download C-STEMbian Including Ch, Linkbot Labs, and C-STEM Studio for Raspberry Pi 

C-STEMbian is a superset of Raspbian, the default OS for Pi. C-STEMbian contains all features of Raspbian. In addition, C-STEMbian comes with C-STEM software including Ch Professional, C-STEM Studio, and Linkbot Labs preinstalled. The setup is optimized to more conveniently use the C-STEM curriculum.

4. Notes:

      1. If you encounter any issues during the installation, please make sure you check the software installation session of the FAQ first before contacting us.
      2. You can check the revision histories for detailed new features in the latest releases
      3. Ch Professional Edition for Raspberry Pi is free for non-commercial use. Ch Professional Edition for Windows and Mac has 40 days of a trial period. You can purchase a lab license with C-STEM discount.


If you encounter any other issues, please Contact Us. We will make our best effort to get back to you as soon as we can.