01/16/2019 Call for Participation for RoboPlay Competition Released

Call for Participation for 2019 RoboPlay Challenge Competition and Call for Participation for 2019 RoboPlay Video Competition are released.

The differences between 2019 and 2018 RoboPlay Challenge Competitions are highlighted below.

1. There are four Divisions of A, B, C, D, instead three Divisions of 3, 2, and 1. Students in grades 5-6 are registered in separate Division D.

2. Only C-STEM teachers from schools with an active C-STEM annual subscription can register during the priority registration period from Jan 15-Jan 29.

3. Each teacher may sponsor up to two teamsAny C-STEM Teacher who teaches more than two verified C-STEM classes may sponsor as many teams (up to 6) as verified C-STEM classes you are teaching. To have a C-STEM class verified, please have your Principal fill out this form and send it to roboplay@c-stem.ucdavis.edu with the Subject “C-STEM Class Verification for RoboPlay.”  Note that teachers bringing more than two teams may only bring one team from each class.

4. If we exceed capacity, teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

5. Laser cut wheels and caster without a ball are not accepted. . If you do not already have the newer wheels, caster, and push scoop you will also need a Drive Accessory Pack.

6. There are new accessories required for the 2019 RoboPlay Competition. Each team will need a 2019 RoboPlay Supplementary Pack which can be purchased for half price. A discount code will be provided when you register.

7. Old Bridge, Scoop, and Gripper accessories are not accepted. If you do not already have the newer Bridge, Scoop, and Gripper, you will also need a BridgeScoopGripper Accessory Pack.

8. Each team must use Windows or Mac loaded with C-STEM Studio v5.0 or higher to control Linkbots with accessories to accomplish challenges.

The differences between 2019 and 2018 RoboPlay Video Competitions are highlighted below.

1. Each teacher can sponsor up to 6 teams.

2. Each video must use one or more Barobo Linkbot.

3. Other accessories, including Barobo Arduino and Raspberry Pi, from Barobo are allowed, but not required.

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