9/19/2018 C-STEM Studio Version 5.0 Released

C-STEM Studio version 5.0 has been released! Working with Barobo, Inc., we have developed many new features in C-STEM Studio version 5.0 including:

  • Control hardware Linkbots and Arduino boards through block-based coding in RoboBlockly. Follow this simple instruction to control your hardware robot in RoboBlockly. Follow this¬† instruction to control your hardware Arduino in RoboBlockly.
  • Update on friendlier user interface and various C-STEM Math-ICT curriculum, added solution videos for 2015-2018 RoboPlay Challenge Competitions.
  • Better support for Arduino and Rasbperry Pi for physical computing.
  • Better support for robots to play melodies and music notes with many new songs as well as PoliceCarSiren, AmbulanceSiren, and FireTruckSiren for STEAM education.

You can download the latest version from here.

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