4/21/2014, C-STEM Conducted a CDE Sponsored Professional Development Workshop in Alameda


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Over 40 STEM teachers attended a C-STEM Professional Development Workshop in Alameda County Office of Education in Hayward, California on April 21 to learn how to integrate programming and robotics into STEM subjects for integrated learning. The training is well received by these teachers. All teachers are excited to launch the C-STEM project in their schools with full energy and enthusiasm.

Special thanks to the California Department of Education (CDE)  for sponsoring this workshop and workshop hosts Jamie Marantz and Allison Lucas at Alameda County Office of Education for providing excellent facilities and support for the event.

Below are some comments from the workshop participants in Alameda.

 “Awesome! Very informative”
-Sean Raser, California High School, San Ramon School District

“Was outstanding, and super useful as it will allow me to align already existing curriculum developed by my PLC at my school site. I had been trying to integrate computer coding in my lessons, this workshop will save me a lot of time and provide additional tools and resources. “
-Edwin Contreras, Hillsdale High School, San Mateo Union High School District

“The training was outstanding for me with little or really old programming experience. Can’t wait to use this in class.”
-Karen Brown, Fallon Middle School, Dublin Unified

“The C-STEM pro. dev. day made me see how technology could be implemented into our middle school. This could help students see a possible college major and career. Instead of abstract book work students will be able to apply what they have learned in a meaningful way. “
-Viet Dinh, Fallon Middle School, Dublin USD

“What a great experience for myself and my students. Thanks to everyone at UC Davis C-STEM!”
-Alvin Burns, Emery Secondary, Emery USD

“Excellent- We will definitely use this in both science and math K-12 (Middle and High School esp.)”
-Carol Bacfe, Emery USD, Emery USD

“I do not have a computer science background. I am a science teacher. Most of the things I learned today were new. I enjoyed learning about how to write the program and the robotics piece. It was fun working with the robot and figuring out the code at the same time. Challenging, but fun.”
-Marisa Brown, Ralph J. Bunche High School, Oakland Unified School District

“I thought this was a very valuable experience. My goal is to try and implement a STEM course at my school so this is a great introduction to resources.”
-Donna Lee, Junction Ave K-8, LVJUSD

“I really enjoyed the C-STEM P.D. I am looking forward to integrating the bots and programming into m science curriculum My students will see the real world process of developing and programming their machine.”
-Jim Parsons, Fallon Middle School, Dublin Unified School District

“Good training. Can see many applications of material for teaching math at Middle School.”
-Lisa Golsan, Benicia Middle School, Benicia USD

“This was very helpful and gives us something to work with as we go forward making our school a STEM magnet.”
-Michael Delaney, Pine Grove School, Amador Country Unified School District

“Great Introductions. Would definitely recommend for an integrated math course a bridge course/intro course for CCC. “
-Mary Clarke-Miller, Encinal High School, Alameda Unified School District

“This was great! I especially enjoyed the hands on aspect of the programming.”
-Nicole Martinez, Burlingame High School, San Mateo Union High School District

“Was motivating. I’m excited to learn more.”
-Christina Wade, Burlingame High School, San Mateo Union High School

“I have a great experience with the C-STEM P.D. I would like to teach math/linkbot as an elective class for 1 semester long. I like the sample programs which make teaching so much easier. I can also supplement it with the after school robotics club.”
-Joy Chien, Fallon Middle School, Dublin Unified

“This was great. I really feel that C-STEM program will be very useful if implemented common core. I will be promoting in my school and district.”
-Edward L. Youngblood, Silver Creek High School, East Side Union High School District

One day at ACOE. I will be asking to use this as an Algebra 1 math support class. Later it may become an initial step or a branching pathway including engineering.”
-Geo Manley, Tamalpais High School, TUHSD

“Great workshop!” I would have it 2 days…1 for math component, 1 for robotics component. My mind is exploding…still-great presenters and information.”
-Warren Jensen, Pleasanton Middle School, Pleasanton Unified

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