C-STEM Becomes a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission

C-STEM  provides a rigorous academic experience for students with 21st century problem-solving skills and preparing them  for post-secondary study and career in  STEM fields. Commencing fall 2015, new undergraduate applicants in UC online application can select C-STEM as a UC approved Educational Preparation Program for K-12 students  and college transfer students for all UC campuses. Participating in C-STEM is an enriching experience with the UC academic rigor for K-14 students. As a UC  approved Educational Preparation Program, participation in the C-STEM program, C-STEM student individual and team awards, and C-STEM extracurricular  activities  are now also recognized in the UC admissions process as achievements that have explicitly prepared students for college and career. 

The UC online application will open up on August 1 each year for applicants to begin completing the application.