C-STEM Robotics-Math Camp: Grades 6-8

The C-STEM Robotics-Math Camp for middle school students enables accelerated and deeper math learning through collaborative robotics projects (multiple students use different devices to control the same robotic system they create on their own to accomplish a task), RoboPlay challenges, and solving real-world problems using math concepts.  The campers will also learn teamwork, communication, presentation, and leadership skills. At the end of the camp, student teams create a multimedia presentation using a robotic system to illustrate some abstract math concepts, and present it to parents and peers.



The curriculum for this camp includes:

  • Mathematics
  1. Arithmetic Operation
  2. Algebraic Expressions and Equations
  3. Ratios and Rates
  4. Proportions and Percentages
  5. Linear Relationships
  6. Systems of Linear Equations