About C-STEM – Transforming Math Education with Coding and Robotics (short version)

Founded in 2010, UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education (C-STEM) develops educational  computing and robotics  technology, curriculum, and pedagogical strategies, and provides professional development and support for K-12 teachers, even those without any prior coding and robotics experience, to integrate hands-on coding and robotics into their classroom teaching math. The rigorous C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum provides K-12 students with 13 years of integrated learning of math and computer science.  C-STEM is a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for undergraduate admission for all University of California campuses. C-STEM also has UCOP A-G Program Status with 20 high school courses, including four honor math courses, for preparing students for admission to the University of California and California State University. C-STEM provides professional development for teachers with Computer Science Supplementary Teaching Credential Authorization credits in partnership with UC Riverside Extension.

The center focuses on algebra, a gatekeeper for careers in STEM. Hands-on activities with coding and robots inspire and engage students who are otherwise turned off by math subject.   The C-STEM Math and CS curriculum is in use in more than 60 school districts with over 10,000 students, mostly in California. For at-risk and gifted students alike, C-STEM program can significantly increase math performance and close the achievement gap.

C-STEM Center  help our partners organize the RoboPlay Competition every May at their schools, districts, and regions. RoboPlay is a level playing field robotics competition for K-12 students. It is designed for students to showcase their real-world math problem solving skills in a competitive environment. The center also runs an annual conferences and symposia on computing and STEM education, a highly successful summer program called Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) and GIRL+ Camps for middle and high school girls in different regions, and support schools and districts to organize Afterschool and Summer Robotics and Robotics-Math Camps.  Since 2010, the center has received over $8 million in grants from the National Science Foundation, as well as support from the California Department of Education and corporate sponsors. 

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