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RoboPlay Competition is an annual culminating event for the C-STEM program. The event brings the C-STEM community together to organize RoboPlay Challenge Competitions in various regions near the end of May each year to further engage students in project-based team activities and to showcase their accomplishments and creativity.

Both RoboPlay Challenge Competition and RoboPlay Video Competition using Barobo Linkbot are designed to support  math and computer science standards in grades 3-12.

Various C-STEM awards and scholarships are presented at the awards ceremonies to recognize students’ achievements and inspire them to pursue computing and STEM-related careers and post-secondary study. The awards include

C-STEM is a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission for both  K-12 and Community College students to all UC campuses. Participation in RoboPlay Competition and receiving a C-STEM award  are recognized in the UC admissions process as achievements that have explicitly prepared students for college and career. New undergraduate applicants in UC on-line application can select C-STEM as a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program to include their participation in RoboPlay Competition and various C-STEM awards.

Diversity in RoboPlay Competition

% Underrepresented Groups

  Challenge Video
2015 56.5% 65.1%
2016 54.4% 60.0%
2017 56.6% 60.7%
2018 59.5% 54.7%


% Female Students

  Challenge Video
2015 33.0% 30.2%
2016 33.2% 36.7%
2017 34.3% 39.3%
2018 35.1% 36.6%


% Underrepresented Minority

  Challenge Video
2015 36.4% 50.3%
2016 34.3% 38.7%
2017 36.4% 45.1%
2018 41.8% 34.0%


4/20/2018, RoboPlay Competiton for learning math, by  Emma Kristovich, a former Livermore High C-STEM student and current RoboPlay Coordinator for the UC Davis C-STEM Center, a sophomore at UC Davis majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, and a UC Regents Scholar.


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