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C-STEM Studio is a platform for hands-on integrated learning of computing, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (C-STEM) with robotics and physical computing. It is

  • the most engaging way to learn math, coding, making, and robotics,
  • the simplest approach to program a robot,
  • the easiest technology to control multiple robots.

C-STEM Studio is a user-friendly platform for using the C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum by college faculty and students, K-12 teachers and students, parents, hobbyists, etc. It is integrated with  the innovative  educational computing,  robotics, and making technologies for learning  STEM subjects, including

C-STEM Studio also includes the  code, comprehensive documentations, teacher’s guides, and textbooks used in the C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum. C-STEM Studio is the only platform in existence that can be easily used to control multiple Linkbots,  Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3, Arduno, and Raspberry Pi in a single program with only a few lines of Ch/C/C++ code. Students can learn STEM subjects by solving complex real-world problems with coding, making, and robotics.

C-STEM Studio is specially designed for instructors to organize diverse teaching resources and for students to conduct computer homework assignments conveniently informal computer teaching labs.

C-STEM Studio is provided free of charge.

Download C-STEM Studio Here!
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Many video lessons on RoboBlockly for learning coding and math along with Linkbot and Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3 are available. The above video is one of the video lessons.

System Requirements for C-STEM Studio

Windows 7 or above (32 and 64 bits) with 1 GByte disk space and 0.5 Mbyte RAM. It is recommended with USB connection (for Linkbot and Arduino), Bluetooth capability (for building your own robot and Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3), Ethernet cable connection (for Raspberry Pi), Wi-Fi capability (for Raspberry Pi).

Mac OS X 10.10 x86 (32 and 64 bits) or above.

Raspberry Pi, Pi Zero, or ARM-compatible low-cost microcomputers. C-STEM Studio for Raspberry Pi is included in C-STEMbian.

Chromebooks are supported through its Linux (beta) feature. Linux beta for Chromebook does not support USB which is needed for controlling Linkbot. We will support controlling hardware Linkbot as soon as Linux beta can communicate with USB.

In addition, you may also use a virtual network computer for Chromebooks or iPads to run C-STEM Studio remotely on a Windows server.