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C-STEM GIRL+ (Girls in Robotics Leadership+) Camps for Next Generation of Female Makers, Innovators, and Leaders
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All GIRL+ Camps  in different regions are funded by various sponsors and attendance is FREE for camp participants. Camp participants are eligible for the Girl’s Leadership Award.


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The 1-week C-STEM GIRL+ Camps are focused on


  1. Motivating high school students through peer mentoring by college students to learn leadership and STEM concepts through a fun and exciting physical computing with Arduino and robotics curriculum.
  2. Inspiring next generation of female professionals and leaders in STEM fields. Provide a safe environment for campers to take risk, nurture their talent and instill in them confidence to pursue a STEM major in college.
  3. Empowering campers to serve as leaders and inspire other students to gain interest in science and technology through creating robotics clubs on their respective school campuses, outreaching to elementary and middle schools, and participating in RoboPlay Competition.



The GIRL+ curriculum is focused on:

  • Sensor-Based Robotics with Arduino
  • Principles of Engineering Design
  • Programming in RoboBlocky and Ch/C/C++
  • Film Production
  • Women in IT

In addition, students learn important life skills including:

  • Teamwork skills
  • communication and presentation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Building confidence
  • Breaking gender stereotypes

Camp Participants

Each camp will have 20 high school students entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in the coming Fall, who

  • have a strong academic record
  • exhibit strong leadership skills
  • have had exposure to computing or robotics or have a strong interest
  • can pick up new material quickly

Camp Coaches

Each camp has two Coaches. Each Coach will be compensated with $768 for the week and 1-day training. They should:

  • be in college
  • have experience with robotics, programming, Arduino, and video editing
  • work well with young girls
  • be willing to attend a 1-day on-line training session on a Saturday in late spring or early summer.

Camp Mentors

Each camp has a teacher or staff to serve as a mentor and coordinator. Mentor will be paid at the district standard rate for  the week.


  • Each camp will use a set of  hardware Linkbot (16 Linkbot Bundle4 Linkbot Bundle, and a RoboTown Mat). All C-STEM schools and districts shall already have these robotics equipment.
  • Each camp shall have 20 Arduino Basic Kit.
  • Each camp will have computers at a 1:1 ratio for campers.
  • Use RoboBlocky  and Ch/C/C++ in Windows, MacOS, or Chromebook.

GIRL+ Camp in the News

8/3/2018 GIRL+ Camp Introduces High School Girls to Programming and Robotics

9/7/2018 Good Day Sacramento: Suds for Science Preview 

GIRL+ Camp Testimonials

  • “I’ve seen not only in myself but also in all of the other girls, their confidence grew so much as they’re learning about this code. It’s great to see these people change in front of you over the course of one short week.”
  • “It definitely made me think about how I really wanted to do this [STEM] and that it wasn’t just a random idea that I get.”
  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this awesome program! I’ll never forget this experience, especially that one key piece of advice to simply go for it!”
  • “I really enjoyed this camp and I think it’s a really important program for getting more girls interested in C STEM and robotics. Thank you for creating this camp!”

Interested in hosting a GIRL+ Camp for girls in your area?

If you are interested in hosting a GIRL+ Camp, please check out C-STEM GIRL Camp Affiliate Program and email us at

Girl Camp Advisory Board Member


To sustain and expand the GIRL/GIRL+ Camp program, the Center seeks endowment funding and support from federal and state funding agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals. If you are interested in making a contribution, seeking joint funding opportunities, or having any ideas for raising funds for GIRL/GIRL+, please contact us.


While the purpose of the camps is to motivate girls to learn leadership and STEM concepts, all students, regardless of gender are welcome to apply.