2019 Theme

Theme for 2019 RoboPlay Competition: Racing and Automotive

Cover for 2019 RoboPlay Theme

What is Racing?

Racing brings to mind images of racecars or runners on a track, but racing encompasses a wide variety of sports and competitions. You can race with horses, on bicycles, or in water.

Racing does not even have to be a sport. Every time you take a test, you are racing to achieve a high score in a controlled amount of time. In the RoboPlay Challenge Competition, your team is racing against all the other teams in your division to get the highest score with just 51 minutes to compete.

In the 2019 RoboPlay Video Competition, we will be looking for creative depictions of racing.

What does Automotive mean?

An automobile is a vehicle, typically operating on land, that is powered by a motor. There are many types of motors and also many types of automobiles. The most common type of automobile is a car. You see cars on the road every day. The majority of households in the U.S. own at least one car, though many adults opt to use public transportation instead of maintaining a car.

The word automotive is the adjective form of the word automobile. When something is automotive, we know that it must relate to automobiles. Robots are becoming extremely prevalent in the automotive industry. Most automobiles are constructed with robots because robots are fast, precise, and reliable.

In the 2019 RoboPlay Video Competition, we want your robots to demonstrate their automotive abilities.